1 Hour Break All Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray

The 1Hour Break®
Secret Formula

Vanuatu Kava Root, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm & Lobelia Herb Extracts, combined with fast sublingual absorption.


experienced a decrease in stress & anxiety

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Experienced better, more restful sleep

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felt calming effects immediately after using

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+- What is 1Hour Break®?
Man using 1Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray
Man using 1 Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray

What is 1Hour Break®?

Holistic. Organic. Always within Reach.

1Hour Break® is an all natural sublingual spray designed to reduce stress & anxiety anytime the need arises. It's fast acting and non-addictive—the first step toward a calm, clear, focused future.

The packaging is compact and nearly weightlessa custom fit for your busy life. Stress & anxiety come in waves and you don’t always have time to prepare. With 1Hour Break® you don’t have to.

+- How Does it Work?
Woman who uses 1 Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Kava Extract Spray

How Does it Work?

Let Nature Make it Easy 

Our unique blend of organic stress & anxiety reducers stimulate your natural relaxation response while decreasing adrenaline levels. All those tiny capillaries and blood vessels under your tongue quickly absorb the natural ingredients. You’ll feel a healing sensation of calm before you’ve had time to let out a big thankful exhale.


Woman who uses 1 Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Kava Extract Spray
+- What's in It?
Woman who uses 1Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray

What's in It?

The Best of Nature. The Best of Us.

Our unique Kava based formula has been vetted by leading natural medicine specialists. Each ingredient was chosen to counteract specific stress & anxiety markers.

The science is crucial. But so is the intangible. The ingredients in 1Hour Break® are harvested on the South Pacific island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. We work with small family farms. Their integrity and commitment is a big part of who we are.

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Fair Trade Kava

Woman who uses 1 Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray

Active Ingredients:

Vanuatu Kava Kava Root: It is the foundation of our formula and it allows us to target more specific stress & anxiety related issues.

Organic Lemon Balm: Busy people have busy brains. Lemon Balm limits the wandering so you can focus on catching Zzzzz.

Organic Passion Flower: Your brain chemistry reacts to stimulus, music, food, you name it. Passion Flower is uniquely effective at generating the chemistry of calm.

Organic Lobelia Herb: You don't notice adrenaline until it spikes but its always there. Lobelia keeps it from spiking when it shouldn't.

Inactive ingredients: Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Alcohol (20-30% by volume), Stevia Leaf Extract, Essential Oils

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All Natural

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Fast Acting

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Travel Sized

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Gluten Free

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Made in USA

  • Male 1Hour Break Customer Review
    "After 10 minutes, I can honestly say all the stress & anxiety I was feeling disappeared. With this and a little practice in positive thinking, I believe 1Hour Break® can change your life."

    Rohan, 1Hour Break® Insider | Read More Reviews

  • Female 1Hour Break Customer Review
    "Worth every seemingly indulgent penny. But really, is $29 indulgent for your mental health? This is your sanity we are talking about here."

    Kristine, 1Hour Break® Insider | Read More Reviews

  • Lauren Noel 1Hour Break User Review
    "If you want help quickly and you want to do it naturally without side effects then 1Hour Break® is a perfect option."

    Dr. Lauren Noel, Shine Natural Medicine | Read More Reviews

Designed for your Day-to-Day.

The morning commute. Family responsibilities. Brain noise at night.

A Calm Today. A Content Tomorrow.

No appointments. No co-pay. No need to explain. 1Hour Break® gives you complete control over your own stress & anxiety management. In the long-run, it's the best solution.

1Hour Break®
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Clinical Strength
Non Toxic
Fast Acting
Non Drowsy
Non Addictive

Try it free on us. We know you'll love it.