Bridging the gap

Connecting the farmers to our community

Vocor Farms was formed because we are passionate about kava — where it comes from, the multi-millennia story behind it, and the genuinely kind people that grow and cultivate it — this is our way to help support the continuum.

Vanuatu couple who help grow and gather the kava root extract for 1 Hour Break's Stress Relief and Anxiety Spray


A tropical paradise

Vocor Kava Farm is perched along crescent shaped shores in Vanuatu where the lush jungle meets the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific. 

Kava is cherished by the locals and has been used for medicinal and cultural ceremonies for over 3000 years.

Embody the spirit of Vanuatu

#1 Happiest Country in the World

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Happy Planet Index, 2006

Kava plant that is the main ingredient of 1 Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray

Wholistic farming

Heirloom kava

The Vocor family has been cultivating kava for eleven generations, their lives deeply intertwined with kava's growth cycles. 

Our kava is organically grown in rich volcanic soil amongst coconuts, bananas, papayas, and ginger, creating the perfect base of micronutrients.

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A harmonious balance of mental calmness and physical relaxation. Mood enhancer.

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Earthy, warm, complex. Comes in sweet mint, spicy cinnamon, or vegan honey.

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Best Used For

Daytime relaxation or winding down at night.

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Our prepared kava in a covenient, easy-to-use bottle.

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