Kava's deep roots

Cherished. Sacred. Honored.

In select regions of the South Pacific, people have been cultivating kava for more than 3000 years. It is deeply rooted in their oral history, religious rites, cultural ceremonies and medicinal practices. Kava’s importance has never waned. It remains a cultural touch point everywhere it is growna gift from the gods, forever honored.

Kava plant that is the main ingredient of 1 Hour Break's Stress and Anxiety Relief Spray


From Loving Hands

Our fair trade kava comes from a husband and wife farming team on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Their abundant gardens are overflowing with kava, coconuts, bananas, papaya and ginger. There are no fences, no pesticides and no machinery. It is nature and tradition in perfect harmony.

Embody the spirit of Vanuatu

#1 Happiest Country in the World


Happy Planet Index, 2006

Vanuatu couple who help grow and gather the kava root extract for 1 Hour Break's Stress Relief and Anxiety Spray

1Hour Break® = Education Services

You Are Changing Lives

Education is Espiritu Santo’s most pressing concern. We are working with the local community to improve education services, build schools and cover tuition for those in need. It is our feet on the ground. But it is your belief in 1Hour Break® that is changing lives.    

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A harmonious balance of mental calmness and physical relaxation.

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Earthy, warm, complex. Comes in sweet mint, spicy cinnamon, or vegan honey.

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Best Used For

Daytime relaxation or winding down at night.

  • Jonathan Yee 1Hour Break Kava review
    "I've had other kava extracts before, but I have to be honest, 1Hour Break® is the most effective I've ever had."

    Jonathan Yee, President of Hawaiian Kava Development Council | Read More Reviews

  • 1Hour Break Customer Review
    "I also drink kava tea, but I just love how I can take 1Hour Break® with me anywhere. It's also high quality kava."

    Nanette, 1Hour Break® Insider | Read More Reviews

  • 1Hour Break Customer Review 1Hour Break Customer Review 26.png
    "1Hour Break® solved the problem of the bitter kava taste! I have my favorite flavor, but try them all to find yours."

    Janice, 1Hour Break® Insider | Read More Reviews

Kava's Power to Unite

An inspirational story. A holistic story. A community story.

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