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We are passionate about holistic healthcare and promise to continue holding our products to the highest environmental and wellness standards.

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By supporting 1Hour Break® you are supporting fair trade kava farmers in Vanuatufamilies we love growing the natural solutions you need.

you are not alone

Stress & anxiety are very human reactions. People all over the world are living better lives thanks to the calming effects of 1Hour Break®.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people to pursue balanced, soulful and environmentally conscious lifestyles by providing natural solutions to stress & anxiety management. A calm today. A content tomorrow.


Our Story

Stress is not a modern phenomenon, and yet, the modern solutions all felt wrong; pills, vice, personalities dimmed down. We wanted to find an organic non-addictive solution. And we wanted to put people in control of their own stress management.

We visited communities around the world where the ancient methods of stress & anxiety management are still being used. We became experts on available natural ingredients and viewed them through a modern lense: Is it effective? Is it fast-acting? Can it be portable?  

We chose Kava Root as our base and applied what we had learned to pair it with the ideal organic compliments. Once the formula had been perfected, we vetted it with leading experts in organic medicine and packaged it in a light, portable, sublingual delivery system.

It was an ambitious dream—the wisdom of our ancestors attuned to the modern world. We are excited to share the results and motivated to continue exploring the possibilities of natural & organic healthcare management.

1Hour Break helps change lives for the better

Empowering Change

Our connection to the community goes far beyond our products. We are constantly searching for healthy, environmentally conscious paths to self-improvement. And we want to share our journey with you. 

A partnership with Innovative Lifestyles to bring you a range of wellness advice—alternative medicine, overcoming social anxiety, dealing with loss. Stay informed. Stay inspired.

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